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Chaim Dovid Concert

On Sunday, 29 July 2007, Perth will be the place to be when Chaim Dovid, a well-known musician in Jewish circles, kicks off his Australian tour at the Morley Sport and Recreation Centre (Cnr Wellington Rd and Mangini St, Morley) at 7:30pm.

Here are the top 10 reasons to see Chaim Dovid…

  1. You’ll be one of thousands of Jews from around the world to experience his performance (those who have seen him hail his performance as an uplifting experience. He tours North America, England and Australia and he has also performed in Uman, Ukraine and Kiev).
  2. Your soul will be enriched.
  3. You’ll be supporting Chabad WA so we can continue to expose Perth to amazing Jewish talent from around the world.
  4. You’ll be supporting the Perth Mikvah Refurbishment Project (part proceeds from the concert will go to beautifying Perth’s only mikvah).
  5. Support a fellow South African (he was born in SA).
  6. Support a fellow Israelite (he currently resides in Jerusalem).
  7. Support a fellow Perthite (he has close family living in Perth).
  8. A rare opportunity like this should not be missed.
  9. A great opportunity to catch up with friends.
  10. It will be loads of fun!

For tickets, contact Nikki Leib at

We will be selling tickets outside the Kosher Food Centre on Sunday, 22 July from 9 – 12pm.

Chaim Dovid Concert

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