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Rabbi Aaron Adler

This weekend we have been priviledged to welcome Rabbi Adler to Perth.  He has already delivered a number of inspiring addresses, with more to come.

As a graduate of Yeshiva University, a former assistant of its dean Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik Z”L, a Rosh Yeshivah, and political advocate for Mafdal, his credentials are impressive.  The reputation that has preceeded him is well demonstrated through the presentations he has made.  Displaying an intellectual genius and the ability to connect a wide range of sources, ideologies, traditions, and philosophic approaches towards Jewish thought, one can only marvel at Rabbi Adler’s ability to bring such clarity to his topics and strike such a strong rapport with his audience.  In an address at Sudah Shlishit Rabbi Adler brought foward a history of Brisk and Chabad, drawing on the origins of the two movements, describing the different approaches each movement held towards Torah learning, and the philosophic differences that were ultimately repatriated by their post-Holocaust leaders, Rabbi’s Soloveitchik and Schneerson.  This “schmooze” was perhaps the most powerful and fascinating lecture from a visiting Jewish leader that Perth has seen for quite some time.  Many people recall the opening of the Kollel program with Rabbi Chaim Gutnick Z”L, and (in keeping with the theme of Rabbi Adler’s address) the oration last night had a similar impact.  In particular, the ability to give a personal account of the lifestyle and influence of the Jewish world’s most respected Jewish leader of our previous generation, is something that resonates very strongly through presentations such as these.

The good news is that it is not over yet.  For anybody reading this blog prior to Sunday evening, make sure you don’t miss out on the Geoffrey Solomon memorial oration tonight as it promises to be real highlight in Perth’s wonderful program of Jewish learning.

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