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Australian Foreign Minister sells out Israel

It is being reported that the Government has supported the latest round of UN bashing against Israel. 

“Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith says Australia has voted against Israel on two United Nations resolutions because it is committed to the Middle East peace process.

Over the weekend Australia changed its vote to support a resolution calling on Israel to stop establishing settlements in the Palestinian territories.

It also supported a resolution calling for the Geneva Conventions to apply to Palestinian territories.

Mr Smith says the new position is consistent with the Government’s view on peace in the Middle East.

“This is not just a government view, this is a long-standing Australian position shared by both sides of the House,” he said.”

Mr Smith knows full well that this position represents a very marked change in policy, and it is disingenious for him to suggest that this represents a consistent position.  What we as the Australian people have just supported is a campaign to divide Jerusalem, to deny Israel its legitimate right to settle its own land, and to add our voice to the doublespeak encoded voices that deny Israel itself the right to exist. 

This is sadly the start of a long slippery slide for the foreign policy of Australia. 

One wonders what the position of the Israel Ambassador will be in responding to this shameful change of position.

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