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Foreign Affairs Minister, and strong advocate of Israel’s security, Alexander Downer took the time today alongside Senator David Johnston to campaign at an afternoon tea at the Northern Suburbs Hebrew Congregation.

It is a notable occasion to have such a high ranking politician in the middle of a tense election campaign take time to strongly identify with the Jewish Community.  The Minister has previously visited Jewish organisations and schools over east as part of this campaign, and Perth is not left out of the scene, which is also something that is no doubt appreciated by the Jewish community here.

With the election campaign heading into its last three weeks, things will step up a bit.  The media tell us that the polls have not shifted from the start of the campaign.  However, the polls are overrated.  A sample, some as low as 500 voters, is not representative of the electorate.   This race will be a lot closer than most realise.  Harder to pick than a field of Melbourne Cup horses.     

Whilst I will be unable to blog over the next few days, some of my fellow JewglePerth bolggers no doubt have something to say about the election.  Perhaps you do as well?  Please leave a comment. 

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