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Boogie is buggered by the Australian press

Both the Sydney Morning Herald and the West Australian (front page) ran articles today about the supposed ambitions of General Moshe Yaalon (“boogie”), the new Likud recruit, to engage a targeted assasination plan against Iraninan President Ahmadinejad.  Of course the General claims to have been misquoted.

What is interesting and ironic is that the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with AIJAC sponsored the Australian Journalists tour, and that the freedom of press that allows them to source this information is precisely the freedom of press that does not exist in any other part of the middle east.  

For some time it has been notable that the foreign editors of Australia’s newspapers do not grasp the political complexity of Israeli life, nor the true reality of its existential threat.  

I do not think that either article from the West or SMH was biased, but I do think that the coverage was superficial, and lacked a greater depth of feeling about the nature of Israel’s predicament.   

The reality is that the so called “Hawks” of Israeli politics, those who happen to believe in Israeli sovereignty over territory that was rightfully liberated during wars that Israel did not instigate, will soon be the Government of Israel.  For the first time in many years the Jewish State will have political leadership that asserts the right of the Jewish people to its national territory, and that places simple preconditions on peace agreements such as the right for Israel to exist in freedom and security.  Like it or not, Australian journalists are going to have to get used to that, and instead of presenting a Palestinian narrative that is supported by a weak Israeli Government who cannot stand up in defence of its own national self determination, the press will have to put both an Israeli and a Palestinain position forward in order to remain objective.

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