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Today’s editorial in the West Australian was right on the mark by laying the blame for the current crisis clearly in the domain of Hamas.  Some very insightful letters to the editor also show that there is a level of understanding and appreciation of the war that confronts Israel.  Full credit to the West for their effort.  Some of the internationally syndicated coverage continues to portray Israel as an aggressor against innocent victims, but it is evident to most people what is now happening, and why.

The headline on Fairfax’s WA Today website (no link provided because I don’t want the satisfaction of the company getting more web traffic) is “Israeli UN School Massacre Kills 45 people.”  What actually happened, according to the reports in the Israeli newspapers is that Hamas terrorists fired at Israeli troops (a violation of international law, as they were shooting from a UN school site). Israel responded with return fire aimed at killing the terrorist shooters.  It was alleged that the building had been booby trapped and there were secondary explosions. It was also implied that Hamas filled the building with civilians in order to manufacture the so called “massacre”.   More context here from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The UN Secretary General has called Israel’s strike “Unacceptable”.  

Mr Ban Ki-Moon:  What is unacceptable is that UN sites are used as launch bases for terrorism.  What is unacceptable is that Hamas place the Palestinain population in harms way by crowding the areas from which they attack.  What is unacceptable is that at least 40 more missiles have been sent into Israel by Hamas in the last 24 hours.   What is unacceptable is that the global world body has no moral outlook to distinguish between a free society and a subjugated society, between defenders and perpetrators, between good and evil.

Update:  Confirmation that terrorists were firing from a UN school

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