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Carmel School AGM

Tonight was the Carmel School AGM.  Not too many surprises as the script was predicatable.  The main observations are that the school is exceptionally well governed, the board is very effective especially in the area of financial management, and that the parent body by and large take it for granted.  There would have been less than 10% of the school parents present to be informed about the schools activity, and to support its governing body.

In expressing reservations over the capital development commitments of the school (over and above securely identified sources of funding), one of the schools founding Governors urged caution.  He noted that the three deliverables of the school had to remain quality Jewish education, quality secular education, and sustainable financial management.

It is the first element of that equation that is still the biggest risk area for the school.  There was no update from the board about their search for a Rabbi, and no discussion relating to the vision for the schools continual Jewish enrichment.  Whilst some of the people involved with the schools administration are focussed on this, not all are, and some of the parents blatently work against a stronger Jewish environment.  Unless there is a full and unified committment to Jewish education from across all sectors the school will lose potential and ultimately the whole Jewish community will suffer.

One other observation.  The invite to the AGM clearly requested men to wear a headcovering.  Most people obliged, but not all.  That is disrespectful.  Its about time the school started refusing entry to those who don’t adhere to the dress code when formally advised.

All things noted, Carmel School remains a first class institution and a very well managed facility that the Perth Jewish community should be justly proud of.

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