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Carmel spreads its wings – “Giving Life to old news” Art Exhibition

Last Sunday Carmel School hosted an art exhibition for The Really Useful Recyclers. The Really Useful Recyclers make paper art from mainly recycled paper. They produce various artworks, comprising different themes which are truly amazing and inspiring, not just because of the ingenuity or hard work invested into the design and production process.

What makes this art so special is the two young men behind The Really Useful Recyclers, Josh Flintoff and Courtney Smith. There journey in life is different to most of us as they deal with the effects of Autism on a daily basis. Things we take for granted are more difficult, challenges for behind The Really Useful Recyclers are on, compared to most of us.

Thanks to Shula Lazar’s (Carmel Prinicipal) vision, Leanne Majnzer

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