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CNN & Mads Gilbert involved in fake video sham

Previously I blogged about Mads Gilbert, the Norwegian doctor who has been releasing faked information from Gaza and is being touted by Western media, particularly the BBC, CNN and locally SBS, as in some way an impartial viewer. This is despite his membership and involvement with the PLO since 1970 and his previous statements that he would refuse to treat a wounded Jew and that he supported the 9/11 attacks on the US and any other anti-Western terrorism.

His latest escapade is nothing short of disgusting. CNN recently brought the World footage of a Palestinian boy dying in hospital, while his brother filmed the incident. The boy had apparently been killed by an Israeli rocket, fired from a drone, onto the rooftop he was playing on.

However Little Green Footballs, the site which broke the news that the pictures of Iranian rocket test where faked, has come out with proof this video is also a fake.

The story was that the boy was hit by shrapnel from the rocket and suffered massive damage to his body and face, also losing a foot. However the video clearly shows he is completely unharmed.

LGF next note that the doctor next to Mads Gilbert, is gently massaging the boys stomach, and not performing CPR at all. Either he doesn’t actually know where the human heart is (entirely plausible) or he’s just play acting.

We also note that the damage to the roof on the house is very minor and not at all consistent with the damage caused by high energy missiles used by the IAF. In fact, the impact creator is very shallow and surrounded by small, round, ball bearing sized holes. We all know which side in this war uses small, low energy rockets, packed with ball-bearings.

The cameraman claims initially that he was out getting footage of the war and he received a call that his house had been hit. Rushing home, he found his little brother dying on the roof. However when later questioned, he stated he heard a loud explosion on the roof of his house and rushed upstairs to see what was going on. One would think that you would more clearly recall such an incident.

It also must be noted that the freelance photographer himself, Ashraf Mashharawi, owns a company called “Nepras For Media & IT” – the company which hosts Hamas’ websites.

CNN has pulled the video with no apology or explanation, however you can see parts of it here: httpss:// The BBC version (which is particularly biased) video shows very clearly the boy has no injuries and the doctor is clearly performing CPR on the boy’s stomach.

CNN has since issued a very weak statement demanding LGF apologise to them for daring to doubt their word. LGF has once again been able to easily disect the garbage.

It should be noted that LGF are not a pro-Israel site; they’re simply a group of people who out media garbage when they see it.