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Everyone’s favourite anti-Semitic ABC journalist, Anne I-thought-you-were-supposed-to-be-in-South-East-Asia Barker, has come up with another special report, just in time for the holidays.

It seems Bethlehem is having record breaking numbers of tourists, for Christmas, this year, due to the “lull in violence”. This is great news for both the Israelis and the Palestinians, right? I mean, everyone’s economy does well, when lots of people come in and visit, and empty their pockets while they’re there, yes? The tourists have a nice time and the locals get more trade. Great.

However Anne just couldn’t let an article go to press without something nasty to say about Israel – it seems Israel’s security measures are ruining Christmas for everyone:

…But residents say the massive concrete wall that separates Bethlehem and the West Bank from Israel is still a major deterrent for tourists trying to reach the town…

So which is it, Anne? You want Israel out of the “West Bank”, however you’re annoyed Israel is separating itself from the “West Bank”? I mean, seriously, you can’t have it both ways.

At this time of year, when billions of people around the World celebrate the birth of a Jewish baby boy, to a Jewish family, in the “West Bank” (doesn’t that make him a “settler”), shouldn’t you be happy that tourists are able to come, safely and enjoy something that is special to them? Instead, you waste article space on a needless, contradictory and utterly typical-of-you effort to put the boot in to Israel.

So congratulations, Anne, on seeing the year out the way you brought it in. With spiteful, pointless and nonsensical attacks on Israel, slipped in to every article you write. I look forward to your first report on South East Asia and seeing how you manage to blame Israel or the Jews for every problem you find, over there.

You can watch the video version, here.

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