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Where Credit is Due

Full credit to the Maccabean for responding to our previous post through the comments, and acknowledging that this was an error of circumstance.

The previous comments, whilst forthright, are what we hope to be constructive in their intent, and pragmatic in terms of effect.  Vitriol was not intended.

It is hard work to produce a paper for a small Jewish community. Like all things we only notice those things that are not right, but rarely take time to notice those things that do go right.  Most of what the Maccabean produces is quality and valuable information and if they kept everybody happy all of the time they would not be doing their job well enough.  The Maccabean and its valuable team of producers are greatly appreciated, even in times when they are taken to task. 

I hereby publish an unreserved apology to the Maccabean if the comments we posted were in fact too harsh or out of context of the situation.

There is an old joke circulating about an Israeli immigration agent who goes to Russia to interview prospective immigrants.  He asks an elderley gentleman as follows:

“How’s your health?” – the Russian responds “Can’t complain”

He then asks “How’s your job?” – the Russian responds “Can’t complain”

He asks again “How’s your financial security?” – the Russian responds “Can’t complain”

He then asks “So how’s the political situation at the moment?” – the Russian responds “Can’t complain”

So the Israeli immigration agent asks “Why then do you want to relocate to Israel”.

The Russian responds – “Ah – there I can complain!”

We will try to go for a little less complaining and a little more of accentuating the positive.  By the same token, we still have views to share that will differ in nature to what we see in our printed media.  This can all be acheived with courtesy.  We accept that the Maccabean made a small error of judgement and that this has been acknowledged, and as Yitro mentioned we all now move on.  Our appreciation to the Maccabean both for their response and for all their hard work.

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